Cabins Are Available for the 2024 Season

MV Dolphin Liveaboard Dive Ship

Tubbataha Reef National Park, Sulu Sea, Philippines


The MV Dolphin is a dedicated liveaboard dive boat with everything ready to fulfill your diving dreams. This 90 ft (27m) steel hulled vessel with 10 cabins has brought thousands of divers to Tubbataha Reef for more than twenty years. 2024 is YOUR time to enjoy the convenience and experience the beauty.

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MV Dolphin Liveonboard Dive Boat

MV Dolphin Layout

The MV Dolphin has a simple layout optimized for your diving enjoyment. Lower Deck The Lower Deck contains the Kitchen and Dining Room; the Dive Center, and four cabins. The dive center is split into two sides. Divers exit through the mid-ship doors on either side to board the diving skiffs. Middle Deck The Middle Deck contains six cabins, including the two VIP cabins. There is a small lounge deck at the back of the ship and a railed walkway at the ship's front. Upper Deck The Upper Deck contains the Bridge, Crew Quarters, Crane, and Skiffs. The rest of the Upper Deck is an open space for lounge chairs, tables, BBQ, and when the time is right, our Dance Floor!

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abundant space good times

Abundant space for fun and good times

fully conditioned cabins dining area

Fully air conditioned Cabins and Dining Area

conditioned dining room

Large air conditioned dining room

complete board dive center

Complete on-board dive center

convenient safe diving deck

Convenient and safe diving deck

board diving skiffs

Two on-board diving skiffs

bathroom facilities cabin

Bathroom Facilities in Every Cabin

drinks included

Full Bar with drinks included

gourmet meals included

Gourmet meals all-included

upper deck shade relaxing

Large Upper Deck for sun, shade, and relaxing

onboard laundry services

Onboard Laundry Services

small lounge middle deck

Small Lounge on the Middle Deck

deck rinse showers

Two on-deck rinse showers

twin sharing cabins private bath rooms

Six twin-sharing Cabins with private bath rooms

cabins mini

Two large VIP Cabins with mini-bar

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The Tubbataha Reefs Marine Park consists of three atolls and covers approximately 25,000 acres of stunning coral reefs in the heart of the Coral Triangle. Designated in 1988 as the Philippines first marine park, the Tubbataha Reefs have come to be regarded as one of the world’s top diving destinations as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Philippines are ranked one of the top dive destinations in the world.

diver phillippines

The Diver’s Gem of the Phillippines

  • The Tubbataha Reefs are part of an underwater chain of ancient volcanoes whose tops reach close enough to the surface for coral growth and the abundant marine life coral attracts. The waters around Tubbataha are deep with currents rich in micro marine life. This combination creates a perfect habitat for big fish and the "cleaning stations" they need.
  • Diving at the Tubbataha Reefs is your opportunity to experience a special combination of deep water fish and abundant reef creatures.
unesco heritage site

UNESCO Heritage Site

The unique geography and abundant sea life at the Tubbataha Reefs are an amazing natural treasure now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The deep waters are home to whales, dolphins, sharks, giant rays and the interesting Napoleon wrasse. The reserve also contains one of the few remaining breeding colonies of sea birds.
fish enjoy summer

Where the “Big Fish” Enjoy Summer!

Diving on the Tubbataha Reefs is a great opportunity to encounter whales, dolphins, sharks and other large marine life. The remote location, deep waters, and nutrient rich waters make this an attractive destination for the big fish you want to see.
abundant biodiversity

Abundant Biodiversity

  • 700 species of fish
  • 360 species of corals (about half of all coral species in the world)
  • 11 species of sharks and rays
  • 13 species of dolphins & whales
  • 100 species of birds
  • Hawksbill & Green sea turtles
unspoiled beauty

Unspoiled Beauty

Every time we enter the water at Tubbataha Reefs, we are amazed at the beauty and diversity of these reefs. Sheer walls, coral canyons, and abundant schools of fish guarantee every dive you make at Tubbataha will fill you with wonder and awe.

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Tubbataha Reef Dive Map

Adventure Awaits

Diving operations are conducted at the Tubbataha Reefs from March - June each year. This is the “dry” season without hurricanes, making it safe to operate far from the ports on the larger islands.

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Tubbataha Reef The SCUBA experience you live for!

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Tubbataha Reef and experience the ultimate underwater adventure in one of the world's most pristine and biodiverse marine sanctuaries.

Stunning Beauty

Coral gardens, sea turtle breeding grounds, sharks, whales, dolphins, schooling jacks, shoaling tuna, clouds of reef fish, and crystal-clear water. What more could you ask for?

Uncharted Adventure

This UNESCO-protected diving jewel is located a hundred miles from the nearest port and can be accessed only by large liveaboard dive boats.

Home-Style Comfort

The MV Dolphin is equipped with large, comfortable, climate-controlled cabins. All cabins are above the water-line with large windows and every one has a full-size bathroom with shower.

Amazing Amenities

Everything is available to make Tubbataha Reef the amazing experience you dream of. Your every need is anticipated and met.

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The MV Dolphin crew are dedicated to making your Liveaboard diving experience enjoyable, safe, and fun!

buhay butch rellama

Buhay "Butch" Rellama

Captain / Chief Officer
buhay butch rellama

Buhay "Butch" Rellama

Captain / Chief Officer Captain Butch has been working on liveaboard diving boats and luxury yachts for more than 13 years. He is a international Sailor and Ocean Cruiser made his successful exploration in Atlantic and Pacific all the way to Philippines in particular years 2012,2019 and 2023. On the MV Dolphin Butch is responsible for navigation, safety, equipment operation, Butch is also our on board medical Nurse and the ship's official musician!
jeru pakingan cajapin

Jeru Pakingan Cajapin

Cruise Director
jeru pakingan cajapin

Jeru Pakingan Cajapin

Cruise Director Lead Dive Guide and SSI Open Water Instructor with more than 800 dives and extensive knowledge of the Tubbataha Reefs dive sites.
bhen lopez

Bhen Lopez

Ship Captain - Major Patron
bhen lopez

Bhen Lopez

Ship Captain - Major Patron Captain Lopez has captained vessels for the Atienza Shipping Lines, Sea Asia Diving Adventures, and the MV Dolphin from 1990 to present. He is authorized to enter all ports in the Philippines with Liveaboard Dive Boat experience in Tubbataha Reefs, Puerto Galera, Apo Reef, the Visayas and many other sites in the Philippines.
joven turner

Joven Turner

Marketing and Business Manager
joven turner

Joven Turner

Marketing and Business Manager Joven is the organizing force behind the hospitality, service, and enjoyable experience you will have on the MV Dolphin. When you inquire about booking and making your plans, most likely Joven is the one helping you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are intended to provide you with as much detailed information as possible. Please feel free to ask any additional questions you may have!

Where do we fly in to?

Puerto Princesa, Palawan is the embarkation port for Tubbataha Reefs diving. Puerto Princesa has a good airport with regular flights from Manila, Cebu, and other Philippine cities.

Do you recommend a hotel in Puerto Princesa?

No we don't recommend but it must be in Puerto Princessa city for pick up for free

What is the embarkation time for trips?

We send a van to pickup our guests at their hotel or the airport between 2:00 and 4:00 pm on the departure day. There is a Coast Guard and Safety briefing on the ship, and the MV Dolphin leaves port at 6:00 - 7:00 pm headed for the Tubbataha Reefs. We arrive on our first dive sit at 6:00 - 7:00 am the next morning.

What is the disembarkation time for trips?

The MV Dolphin arrives into Puerto Princesa between 6:00 - 7:00 am on the final day of the trip.

What is the Tubbataha Reefs diving season?

Diving is typically done at the Tubbataha Reefs from March - June each year. These months are not in the typhoon season with the most favorable weather and ocean currents.

Can you provide gluten-free meals?

Yes, please let our booking staff know about your dietary needs.

Are alcoholic drinks available on board?

Alcoholic drinks are available and affordable on the MV Dolphin. Beer, wine, and mixed drinks are available at the bar in the dining room. VIP rooms have a stocked mini bar. The bar is only open for drinks after the day's dives are completed.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. Please call our California office or Philippine office for details and opportunities. We work with agents and many dive clubs to offer great deals on the most amazing diving you can imagine.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. We do not offer financing, but we can setup an advance installment payment plan. Your booking will be confirmed and secure while your installment plan is in place.

Are there discounts for non-divers?

Yes. Non-diving passengers enjoy all the amenities and services of the Dolphin and are discounted 20% from the full fare.

What is your cancellation policy?

Trips may be canceled or cut short for safety reasons by order of the Philippine Coast Guard or the MV Dolphin Captain. We STRONGLY encourage passengers to purchase travel insurance to cover in these circumstances.

What if my trip is canceled due to bad weather or other reasons?

If your trip is canceled due to malfunction or problems with the MV Dolphin, we will issue you a full refund.

Are there storms in March - June?

This is the Summer or "Dry" season in the Philippines. During these months occasional squalls and weather systems may move through an area--generally in the afternoons. We intentionally avoid diving Tubbataha Reefs during the Typhoon season which begins in July.

What is the daily weather like?

Expect calm cool mornings and a beautiful sunrise. It's hot in the direct sun and you will be glad to get under the water. In the afternoon breezes and thunderstorms may come up. Weather changes, and occasionally a squall will pass through.

How big are the waves?

When there is not a storm, the ocean is calm with 1-2 ft waves. Waves can increase when there is prevailing wind or storms.

What are your luggage limits?

Consider our luggage limits to be similar to international airline flights. We expect you to have gear to bring what's necessary for your convenience. If you have extra luggage and equipment please let our booking staff know so we can make accomodation.

What about safety?

The MV Dolphin crew is experienced and ensures marine safety measures are in place. Some of our staff also have medical training and qualifications. The MV Dolphin is equipped with oxygen and other diving specific emergency supplies.

Where is the nearest decompression chamber?

There is a hyperbaric chamber at hospital of Palawan in Puerto Princesa City.

Is medical evacuation possible from Tubbataha Reefs?

Helicopter evacuation may be available--there are a very limited number of operating helicopters in the area. Evacuation options also include speed boats and the MV Dolphin itself.

Is there safe drinking water on the MV Dolphin?

Drinking water on the MV Dolphin is safe. We have a water distillation system that uses our genertor power to distill pure fresh water from sea water.

Is there medical staff on the MV Dolphin?

Yes. Several of our staff have medical training, emergency training, and know what to do in diving related and other emergencies.

How many dive guides are on the MV Dolphin?

Typically there are three dive guides or divemasters on a trip.

How is my dive gear handled?

Our staff takes care of your BCD, Regulator, and other equipment.

Can we rent gear like wetsuits and BCD's in Puerto Princesa?

Rental equipment is available in Puerto Princessa. You may arrange directly with a dive shop; or let us know in advance and we can arrange it for you. Equipment rentals are not included in our package price.

Do you have underwater photography equipment for rent?

No. Please plan to bring your own photography equipment.

How is the daily diving organized?

Our trips usually have 18 divers who are divided into three groups with a divemaster.

Is this a good trip for new divers?

Tubbataha Reef is regarded as advanced diving. The National Park requires all divers to have at least 30 logged dives.

Is it required to have Advanced certification?

Advanced certification is highly recommended. Tubbataha Reef is very remote and for your safety and that of the group we encourage our divers to know their limits and not exceed them.

Is there a dive instructor on board to provide certifications?

Our divemasters are also dive instructors; however due to limited number of staff we usually cannot offer certification upgrades on the trip. Let us know before-hand if you need to do the Nitrox or Advanced Open Water certification.

Do I need to bring my own dive computer?

Yes, all divers are required to have a dive computer.

What is the typical weekly schedule?

Day 1 is departure from Puerto Princesa. We are usually on our first location at Tubbataha by **:** pm.

What is the typical daily schedule?

Our first dive is usually at 7:30 am. Second dive is 10:00, third dive is 1:30 pm and the fourth dive is 3:30 pm or a night dive.

Are there land excursions at Tubbataha Reef?

Very limited. Sometimes our group stops in at the Ranger Station to buy souveniers. The seabird nesting grounds are protected and off limits most of the time.

How many dives are scheduled each day?

Four dives per day.

Do you offer TEC dives at Tubbataha Reefs?

No. Our diving is organized around the paramaters of Advanced Open Water recreational diving.

Is Nitrox available on the MV Dolphin?

Yes. We offer a Nitrox package for $100

Are there night dives on the trip?

Yes we usually plan at least one night dive per trip.

Is there a dedicated camera room?

No. Your cabin will be very close at hand where you can charge gear and process pictures. Each cabin has a flat-screen TV as well.

Reserve Your MV Dolphin Adventure Diving Adventure
You can book your MV Dolphin diving experience through our California office or our Philippines office. Contact us by telephone, email, or online chat.
  • California: 951.755.0747
  • Philippines (Puerto Galera): +63 945 390 8562
  • Email:

2024 Tubbataha Reef Season Rates

  • Prices are all-inclusive as described on this website and subject to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Transision trip per person: $2,700
  • Single Occupancy: $3,840
  • Double Occupancy per person: $2,400
  • Triple Occupancy only 1 person have -20% $1,920
  • Customer agrees to be housed with a possible roommate, depending on bookings.
  • Guaranteed single occupancy: $4,799
  • VIP Room: + $400 2 pax

Booking Options

  • Nitrox Diver: $150
  • Upgrade Certification to Advanced: $200

Information We Will Need

  • Name, Address, Email, Phone
  • Dive Certification Agency and Level
  • Number of Logged Dives

MV Dolphin Provided Dive Gear

  • Weights
  • Tanks

Divers Need to Bring

  • Wetsuit
  • Regulator
  • BCD
  • Mask, Fins, Snorkel
  • Lights, camera, accessories

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